Me. Dalton Parker.

Hello! My name is Dalton Parker, Owner and Founder of ParkCity Leasing Specialists; and I’m 20 years old.

Normally not an important factor, however, that is the entire reason I am starting this blog. To publish my views, my strategies, and the way I operate a real estate business, being almost half the age of most real estate professionals.

I want to show other young entrepreneurs what it takes, and that not going with the “norm”, is perfectly acceptable. I also want to spark conversation, with other industry professionals, regardless of age. Though I have my techniques and practices, I always want to learn more, and perhaps adopt some new ideologies.

Now to answer some very important questions.

  • What will I be blogging about?
    • Everything related to real estate investing, renting, property management, and being a successful landlord.
  • Who am I trying to connect with?
    • Anybody in this industry, wanting to join this industry, and more importantly, young entrepreneurs.
  • What will this blog be in a year?
    • In a years time, I hope this is a trusted source, for all. You come here to see what is new, learn something, and build valuable connections. Perhaps other real estate professionals will join in, and write some inspiring work.

I invite you all to subscribe, and like our Facebook page. The goal is for a Monday and Friday post.

Digitally yours, 

Dalton Parker

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