Maintenance. How to manage it.

The reality of owning an investment property is that you are going to receive emails from tenants letting you know that something is broken, leaking, or just not up to their standards. Your job as the landlord is to be attentive, listen, and take action. You’re going to have to take each request, and thenContinue reading “Maintenance. How to manage it.”

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening. Likely one of the most important factors in renting. You want to ensure that you are selecting the best people to occupy your property. This is a process that takes time, and that needs to be approached in a very legal matter, as you can get into some legal hot water, if youContinue reading “Tenant Screening”

Want to be a landlord? What’s involved? Part 2

I’m of the mindset, “cut the crap, and get to the chase”. So that is exactly what I’ll do. We are going to pick right up on step 5! Step 5: Property Acquisition So, by now you should have conversations with all of your team members. You have a good idea of how much moneyContinue reading “Want to be a landlord? What’s involved? Part 2”

Want to be a Landlord? What’s Involved?

By now I’m sure you’ve researched online, you’ve found popular real estate tutorials, or vlogs, and they have recapped the big picture, like; purchase property cheap, rent high, keep the difference. That is the furthest from reality in this industry. I’m going to section this blog off into the steps I feel are least talkedContinue reading “Want to be a Landlord? What’s Involved?”

Me. Dalton Parker.

Hello! My name is Dalton Parker, Owner and Founder of ParkCity Leasing Specialists; and I’m 20 years old. Normally not an important factor, however, that is the entire reason I am starting this blog. To publish my views, my strategies, and the way I operate a real estate business, being almost half the age ofContinue reading “Me. Dalton Parker.”

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