Want to be a landlord? What’s involved? Part 2

I’m of the mindset, “cut the crap, and get to the chase”. So that is exactly what I’ll do. We are going to pick right up on step 5! Step 5: Property Acquisition So, by now you should have conversations with all of your team members. You have a good idea of how much moneyContinue reading “Want to be a landlord? What’s involved? Part 2”

Want to be a Landlord? What’s Involved?

By now I’m sure you’ve researched online, you’ve found popular real estate tutorials, or vlogs, and they have recapped the big picture, like; purchase property cheap, rent high, keep the difference. That is the furthest from reality in this industry. I’m going to section this blog off into the steps I feel are least talkedContinue reading “Want to be a Landlord? What’s Involved?”

Me. Dalton Parker.

Hello! My name is Dalton Parker, Owner and Founder of ParkCity Leasing Specialists; and I’m 20 years old. Normally not an important factor, however, that is the entire reason I am starting this blog. To publish my views, my strategies, and the way I operate a real estate business, being almost half the age ofContinue reading “Me. Dalton Parker.”

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